The price is $150 total.

Registration for the combine is here:

May 17th Combine Registration

Schedule for the combine is as follows:

4 pm-5 pm On ice 2017-2014 birth years
5:10 pm - 6:10 pm On ice 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 birth yearsOFF-Ice @ Gym UNION 2017-2014 birth years
6:20 pm -7:20 pm On ice 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 or older birth yearsOFF-Ice @ Gym UNION 2013-2010 birth years
7:30-8:30OFF-Ice @ Gym UNION 2009 and older birth years

May 17th Combine

will include combine testing similar to what NHL, USHL, CCM68 and other ice hockey athletes test on to benchmark their current metrics on critical hockey skills. Once that is done you can periodically benchmark to check progression. The combine will include testing in the following 1 hour on ice and 1 hour off-ice:


The first will be a series of 30-meter sprints forwards, backwards, with no puck and while handling a puck. One more exercise — the weave agility — will test players’ ability to slalom their way in and out of cones. The final test is the transition agility, where players change directions from forward to backward and back again.



Once that is completed, they will also work in strength and agility training off the ice as well. That includes chin-ups, push ups, standing broad jump, vertical jump, 20-meter sprint, pro agility and some cognitive measurements for Hand/Eye coordination and brain response quickness.


All results are shared individually with participants in an individualized report as comparisons to a benchmark of similar age group athletes at different levels. This will help you guide their development during the off-season.